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Zoolz Cloud Storage Back Up 2020 Home Features – Try Free


zoolz cloud storage back up


The zoolz cloud storage back up offers an online backup service for all types of files regardless of the size as long as the file does not go beyond the maximum backup space allowed.

You can rely on the zoolz tool to store and secure your files for a lifetime so that even after data is deleted from the computer, you can still have data online so far it has been stored.

The zoolz restores old data and it can store unlimited data for a lifetime but it is important to note that it could take hours to restore your files except you upgrade your plan for the faster restoration process.



Zoolz has made it easier by providing access through apps on the android or ios. Data can be viewed both online and offline but the data cannot be downloaded from the cold storage service. The mobile app allows you to share a photo and a large piece of information.


The zoolz tool has a simple interface that is easy to use, a thorough introduction process and a layout that makes it simple for the user to find whatever they are looking for. The user has control over the backup process.

Every user has access to the web dashboard after signing up, the web dashboard displays some information about the active devices and how much space the user is using.


You can use this feature to backup desktop devices and servers but the backup won’t work on any mobile device and the user won’t access data through a mobile app.

The backup process is easy to configure, and zoolz promises a solid back up. Also, during the backup process, the user is given a lot of information about the progress.

The process is not hard, you only select the files you want to back up and if you are on a 2tb plan. It is the user that decides what to put in cold storage.


The zoolz tool offers 24hours customer support and user-friendly service. It is easy for any user to get to their customer support through the mobile phone or email. The zoolz tool is less available for a live chat.

In general, the zoolz tool offers various online resources such as a help desk to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their site. Their customer supports different languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian language and Dutch.


You don’t need to worry about the security of your backed up data because the zoolz security offers safety for its user data. With the 256 bit AES encryption, it makes sure the files are encrypted and protected so that no important data may be lost.

Asides this, every user can safely receive fast backups and also reduplicate redundant files.


This feature allows the user to store and backup data in 3 different sources. The tribrid solution offers 3 sources where data can be backed-up, the sources include the cloud storage, the cold cloud storage, and any local backup device. The cold storage backups data for a very long period and archives the data.

With the tribrid storage, you will have multiple options to recover your data once the system goes faulty, you just need to choose one tribrid solution and the backup becomes automatic and can be scheduled.


  • It allows users to manage their files easily
  • To restore data is just one click away
  • It saves time and space
  • It can back up an unlimited number of server
  • Users can have full control over data


  • It doesn’t limit direct bandwidth and loading time
  • The customer support still need improvement
  • Slow download and restore speed
  • It is difficult to restore data on the mobile from the cloud storage


There are different plans available on the zoolz tool and each plan depends on how much data you need to backup. The plans can be purchased every month or annually with interests of 2 free months.

The zoolz plan will be broken down.

  • 1 terabyte storage- $39.90 annually
  • 2 terabyte storage- $79.90 annually
  • 5 terabyte storage- $19.99 monthly or $199.90 annually
  • 10 terabyte storage- $39.99 monthly or $399.90 annually
  • 20 terabyte storage- $89.99 monthly or $899.90 annually
  • 50 terabyte storage- $299.99 monthly or $2,299.90 annually
  • 100 terabyte storage- $449.99 monthly or $4,499.90 annually
  • 200 terabyte storage- $899.99 monthly or $8,990.90 annually

The zoolz tool offers a discount to students and non-governmental organizations with a free trial of 14 days, it comes with 50GB storage all the zoolz tool features.

The zoolz tool also offers the BigMIND business plan, this plan is a cloud storage solution that comes with an artificial intelligence technology that allows businesses to quickly specific files like optional character recognition for documents and facial recognition for photos.

The plan varies and will be broken down in the following:

  • The BigMIND starter plan which starts at $15 monthly, it comes with 100gb storage, one server device, and 10 users.
  • The BigMIND standard plan is priced at $20 monthly, storage of 250gb, 10 server devices and 100 users.
  • The BigMIND premium plan is priced at $37.50 for one month with 250gb storage, 50 server devices, and 500 users.
  • The BigMIND smart archive starts at $40 per month, 1tb storage with 50 servers and 500 users.

For home or personal use, the zoolz tool offers the following plans

  • The basic plan which is for personal use starts at $14.99 per year with storage of 100gb for only 1 user, there are no backup limitations, no external drives, and standard support.
  • The plus plan which is great for advanced use starts at $49.99 yearly with storage of 500gb, 3 users, no backup limitations and standard support.
  • The family plan which is for household protection is priced at $79.99 annually with 1000 GB storage, 5 users, 3 network drives, no backup limitations, and premier support.
  • The heavy plan as the name implies is for heavy usage. It rates at $299.99 per annum, storage of 400GB, 5 users, unlimited external drives, premium support, and no backup.


The zoolz tool is a smart way to back up and access business files. With the cloud backup solution, you can store every file without worrying about the safety because it offers security and files encryption for all kinds of file, all you need to do is to subscribe to any plan of your choice that is big enough to store all your data.

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