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WP Rocket | WordPress Caching Plugin Optimization in 2020


WPRocket WP Rocket


WP Rocket is a plugin that enables caching on WordPress sites with the main purpose of speeding up the loading time. As well as caching, there are other features of WP Rocket which can be used to load the website faster. Here we will look at some of the important features of WP Rocket, its plus sides, and its downsides and analyze if it is worth it.

What is caching?

Caching is the process by which data is stored in a cache. A cache is a storing room that saves data so that whenever the data is called in future it can be retrieved faster.

Features of WP Rocket:

Some of the important features of WP Rocket are given below for your consideration;

Easy to use:

WP Rocket is very easy to use regardless of your technical abilities. As soon as you install this plugin it will start caching and speeding up your website.

If you are an advanced user there are enough options provided which you can use to enhance your experience with this plugin. It has a nicely organized and user-friendly dashboard with all the controls and settings that you would like to use. Two video guides are also provided that give you all the features of this plugin in detail.

While using this plugin you will be constantly accompanied by helpful texts as well as further links to the support content. It also gives you the option to send message to the support staff which will guide you through your issue. This is called premium support. So, it is convenient to activate and easy to use with great support.

Works with CDN:

CDN or content delivery network lets you distribute your website files around the world very quickly. WP Rocket is compatible with most of the CDN providers.

Whether you have signed up with a CDN plan independently or it is part of your web hosting plan you can easily integrate with WP Rocket to improve the performance of your site.

Optimization of files and images:

WP Rocket gives you an optional feature called lazy loading. It delays the loading of files until the user gets close to them as opposed to the loading of all images as soon as the page is opened.

This lets the page load faster. You also have the option of loading the emojis in your content from the visitor’s computer rather than downloading them from WordPress’s website.

Database optimization:

WP Rocket has some database optimization features that will help you clear out old posts, spam, trash, and drafts. All this clutter slows down your computer, and with this feature, you can clear out the unwanted stuff.

You can also schedule this job on a periodic basis. There are dedicated WordPress plugins for this job but doing this through WP Rocket makes it easier and quicker without having the need to install an additional plugin.


Just like images WP Rocket can reduce the size of other files like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Through the optional feature of minification WP Rocket can remove unnecessary white space, extra characters in coding, line breaks and comments that make up your website.

Through this your website will load faster and consume less bandwidth giving you another way alongside caching to improve the speed of the website.

Mobile friendliness:

As more and more users opt for smartphones to access websites it is good to see that WP Rocket has taken care of this as well. It gives you the option of ‘enabling caching for mobile devices’ and also gives you option of creating separate cache files for mobile devices to help increase loading time for mobile devices.

Ecommerce friendliness:

WP Rocket works well with your ecommerce plugin. It excludes the view cart and checkout pages from the cache automatically. This ensures that your customers do not face any problems when you are speeding up the website.

Cache lifespan:

WP Rocket will clear the cache whenever new content is published. You can also do it yourself or set the plugin to do it on a regular basis. It makes sure that the version of your website which is visible to the visitor is up to date and fresh.

Pros of WP Rocket:

Now that we have discussed some of the key features of this plugin let us now take a look at some of the good aspects of this plugin;

Efficient: It is an effective and efficient plugin. It does its main job of speeding up the loading time very well. Users have experienced that after using this the websites load 54% faster.

Features: It offers a variety of useful features like image and database stabilization and also Lazyload. All these features help to load the page faster.

Support: It comes with a lot of tutorials, How to’s, helpful text and tips. You can also contact the support staff for additional help.

Updates: As it is a paid plugin so it is regularly updated and developers make sure that it is free of bugs.

Cons of WP Rocket:

No live support: It doesn’t offer live support from the staff or a phone number. You have to reach them via a form or by creating a ticket.

Change of interface: It has changed its interface since its launch in 2018. Some users thought it was a little too early to do that.

No free version: It is essentially a paid plugin which doesn’t even offer a free trial. This could drive some users away.


WP Rocket is a great caching plugin. It lets you run your website fast and stay optimized. It has some very good add-on features and is easy to use and very effective in showing results.

It does not come free but you can avail their 14-day money back guarantee to see if it works for you. Considering its features and support system we think it is a very good product which you should consider investing in.

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