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Latest White Hat Link Building Strategies & Service 2020


Latest White Hat Link Building Strategies & Service


It has recognized link building as an essential SEO tool to rank your website higher in Google or any other search engine’s search results. White hat link building strategies are those strategies that have been approved by the search engine. 

In contrast to white hat, there are black and gray hat techniques too. Search engines have forbidden these techniques, and if they have found you in violation, then you could be penalized for it. 

In this article, we will discuss what backlinking is? And what are the various legitimate strategies for effective white hat link building

What is link building?

Link building or backlinking in simple terms means when your website is referenced or cited in another site, and viewers of that website can land on your page.

For this, a hyperlink of your website is given. They also know it is also as IBL or Inbound Link. This hyperlink can be in the form of text, an image, a video, or infographics. 

Link building is an essential tool for SEO or search engine optimization. It gives credence to your content as Google or any other search engine thinks your website is worthy of being ranked higher. 

Is link building important?

The answer to this question in one simple word is yes. It is worth all the effort and time. As your website is quoted and linked on other pages, the search engine assumes that content on your website must be of a high caliber. 

Many SEO experts swear by it that backlinking or link building is the number 1 ranking factor of Google. It may or not be true, but nobody can deny its importance.

It points to the fact that your 
website is important, 
Its content is powerful, 
It enjoys the trust of the people, 
It is easy to discover
It deserves to rank higher

However, it would be best if you were careful here. In your quest for links, don’t overdo it. It would be best if you aimed to get linked to a few great websites. Websites of government departments, some authority, educational institute, an organization, etc. are worth considering.

We hope you got the importance of link building for effective SEO. Now let us see what white hat link building is.

What is White hat SEO techniques?

White hat refers to tools, and techniques which have been approved by Google or other search engines. These are positive ways and methods to increase traffic naturally and draw an audience towards your page while staying within the prescribed rules.

As opposed to white hat, there are black and grey hat techniques. While black is expressly forbidden, people play with grey claiming it is not bad. This is debatable, but grey methods are not either. We should stick to white hat techniques of SEO.

White hat link building strategies

There are many ways where you can link building by remaining within the rules of the search engine. We list some of them below;

Ask for links

This is a simple way to get started. You ask for a backlink from your friends, family members, colleagues, partners, clients, etc. Just make sure that their blog or website applies to your site. Otherwise, it won’t be of much use. Also, ask for an in-content link and not on the sidebar or footer.

Earn your links

Make your content so strong, relevant, and engaging that you won’t have to ask for backlinks. People would do it for you on their own. It sounds difficult, but it is very much achievable. Content is the king on the internet. What you present and how you present it makes all the difference.

Build a strong presence

Building a healthy relationship is key to good link building. Join online forums, groups, blogs that are related to your niche. There participate in discussions. Post comments. Engage in meaningful dialogue. You would make good friends who would happily provide backlinks to you. 

Start blogging

Making a blog that relates to your niche is a handy tool to get backlinks. It would help if you kept your blog alive and interactive. Make it a happening place. Post regularly. The content should be informative, insightful, and stimulating. Your blog has the power to take your places. Just work on it.

Guest posting

It is another tool to make yourself heard and gain good publicity. Just make sure you have an essential thing to say. You can write in the comments section of another blog or post as a guest blogger. 

If your content is well-structured, unique, and of high quality, they will notice you. You will gain more traffic to your website or blog, which should be your primary aim, anyway.

Get listed in directories

There are many online directories that you can consider for listing yourself. It would help if you were careful that the directory you are choosing applies to your niche and is active. Google has delisted many directories; you don’t want to be in any of them.

Take help from your competitor

See where your competitor has gotten backlinks. You should visit those sites and try to link yourself there. If your competitor can do it, then why not you?


Link building is an essential and legitimate way to gain more traffic to your website or blog. It would help if you used it in a proper way only and not get carried away by using your website network to create backlinks (Private Board Networks or PBNs) or using automated tools to create content or build links. 

Stay within limits and follow white hat techniques only. Black hat techniques are forbidden and can invite penalty. While Gray hat link building techniques walk a fine line between white and black ones. 

There are many ways you can get backlinks to your page in a transparent way using white hat techniques. So only use white hat techniques.

White Hat Link Building Strategies 2020 Methods
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