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Vidiq vs Tube Buddy Pro 2020 – Compare Youtube Video Tools




Tubebuddy & VidIQ are both the biggest names on YouTube’s SEO tools, and the people who get results from them are certainly familiar with them.

When it comes to completing both at the same time, it becomes very difficult and confusing because both tools don’t show the correct information, but are close to the actual data. However, this question makes sense which tool works better and helps you grow better on YouTube.

These two tools will be placed side by side to know their differences.


Tube Buddy is a YouTube certified product that has been specifically designed to help developers find topics and keywords for their videos. This tool has several powerful channel management features that allow you to create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

This tool offers a free and premium package. The free license is limited to a few or more features and does not provide access to some impressive features such as A / B testing, advanced keyword research, health reports, and more.

The premium price package costs a few dollars but offers practical tools that are useful for exceptional channel growth.


VidIQ as well is an extension of Google Chrome, with which users have the necessary data. It helps developers to know which keywords are the best to use, how to compare yourself to your competitors, what engagement you get on various platforms, and more. This is very similar to Tubebuddy and Youtube.



Channel management is one of the main reasons why you need a tool because the tool makes managing all your channel content in one place very easy.

Tube Buddy offers countless powerful channel management functions. The biggest thing about tub buddy is providing various types of tools to perform channel management functions.

Not only are these tools intended for one publisher as an arbitrary YouTube creator, but companies with their own YouTube profiles are also likely to use these tools.

You can do this with the new tub Buddy Management feature

Use the batch processing function to perform operations quickly.

Manage all your comments in one place. Here’s how: You can reply to spam or comments that are useful for hiding and showing it. You can even add tags to avoid hacking.

Make a keyword search to find videos on Youtube that you know and want to use

VidIQ mentions batch processing, where annotations, maps, and final screen descriptions are added to many videos to automate time.

You can find out if one video reaches your audience or not and you can also determine how your video works at the channel level.

With VidIQ Channel Management you can easily manage all your functions in one place. And it also offers all the functions that pipe buddies enjoy.


It is well settled that “SEO plays a very important role in video ranking”. And that becomes more meaningful when it comes to finding competitive keywords.

If you are a creator on taboo, you need to know the meaning of SEO.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is characterized by SEO optimization with the following functions:

Checklist for video optimization for some experienced people.

It offers a variety of practical functions for the video upload interface.

Always let your channel watch evil actions that damage your leaderboards.


VidIQ is not even active and has more functions in Video SEO. Also, there is a preference column that gives details on factors that are important at the sidebar of the interface. It displays valuable information about a channel.


Tubebuddy offers a lot of functions in the form of A / B test kits. With the A / B test function from Tubebuddy, you can analyze which titles, descriptions, tags or thumbnails are most suitable for you.

vidiq does not provide A / B test functions. And A / B tests are a must. What every creation tool should have.

Channel audit tools and tools for creating thumbnails are also available on Tube Friends, but in VidIQ performance tools are available on the YouTube interface. Productivity tools include managing comments, exporting CSV, and downloading metadata.



Tubbuddy plan is reasonable, the plan is split into 3 packages.

1. Tubebuddy pro

This plan provides excessive productivity tools that are not efficient and slightly contribute to Chanel growths. The pro plan comes with several features, they will be highlighted below.

  •  topic planner to unravels new content ideas.
  • Manually creates Cards & End screen templates.
  • Some wrong things that potentially trigger demonetization.
  • It has SERP rankings that help you to determine how your videos are performing on your targeted keywords.

II. The tubby star plan is billed at $19 and has almost all the entire features of Tubbuddy, the added. Features include the following:

  • Unlocks bulk processing features
  • Auto Publish videos on Facebook.
  • Keyword rankings tracker with limitations
  • Published product at a scheduled time
  • All the features Pro Plan users enjoy.

III. Tube legend is the highest plan and has all the features currently in Tubbuddy. The plan starts at $49. The features include the following:

  • Unlocks the “A/B Testing” feature.
  • The retention analyzer tool helps you to determine how much your audience is familiar with your content.
  • You can give someone your channel report access.


It has 3 main packages

1. The vidiq pro, it starts at $7.50 per month and offers the following features:

  • competitor’s videos including historical data like social sharing, views, and velocity.
  • Do advanced keyword research with proprietary.
  • See trending videos of real-time.
  • See Advanced analytics of your channel.

II. The vidiq boost is offered $37, it is higher but it features 2 times more views on new videos. It offers these other features:

  • Optimization of previous videos by Bulk
  • It creates up to 5 trend alerts.
  • Unravels the optimization techniques your competitors are using.
  • It optimizes at least 40 videos per month with a proprietary keyword research recommendation.

III. The vidiq boost + is expensive, it is billed at $415 per month. It is specially made for people who want to manage 1 to 2 channels or more.

It provides access to all the features of the other plans without any limitation.


Both tools are great but vidiq offers more than tub buddy. However, if you do not spend more, then you should go for tub buddy because they bill at a moderate price. But if you are looking to expand your views on your channels, don’t think twice before you pick vidiq, for the most efficient performance.

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