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Upwork Vs Freelancer – Compare Freelancing Platform 2020


Upwork Vs Freelancer

Introduction – Upwork Vs Freelancer

Due to the technology age, we are living now, the rate of online works such as freelancing has rapidly increased and keeps on increasing.

Presently, at least 36% of the US workforce consists of freelancers.

The employees contribute with a significant number of around $1.4 to the economy annually.

While some employers maximize from the benefits of remote workers, some do not know where exactly they could get the talents of freelancers. So it is irrelevant to post an ad through the newspaper as it won’t work.

But with the emergence of Upwork and Fiverr, the support of the workforce has massively increased. The freelancer communities have brought innovation to a world sending a message that people can be online workers right from any part of the country.

These are hubs where you can quickly see talents who have the skills you need, you can assign projects and track the contractor’s work.


Fiverr is one of the world’s largest market place where freelancers are hired for certain projects. The website is the best players you can get money for value. That is, you can find fantastic gig workers for a price that suits you.

People make money online through the platform so if you have skills and willing work as a freelancer, do not hesitate to go for Fiverr, you only need to set up your account and create an attractive GIG then, the opportunity is all coming your way.

You can start making cool cash on Fiverr from home but you should note it is not automatic you get to see work on Fiverr immediately you create your GIG because you are competing with other top sellers or have 5-star rating reviews.


Upwork is another freelancing platform just like Fiverr where freelancers, clients or business owners and entrepreneurs meet for the sole purpose of hiring. Employers post a job when they feel the need of getting a job done.


With the two platforms placed side by side sharing almost the same vision and purpose. What more does one freelance community offer than the other? We shall be considering the major differences between the freelance communities.


The budget is always crucial for hiring in any online freelancing market. Everyone once to be paid in the exact value of labor used.

Some extra charges are deducted from Upwork and freelancer from a payment made but it varies between the two communities.

On Upwork, the freelancers set a rate and bid by the project or by the hour. They are all preferences.

The work team earns money from fees charged at the end of every completed project. The fees come from the price of the freelancer quotes. Sometimes, the price the employer gives the freelancer may be higher to accommodate the fee.

The Upwork team earns money from the compensation they receive upon every completed project that requires payment from the hirer

Thus, if a freelancer quotes $1000 for a project, 20% of that may go to Upwork, meaning that the professional is only getting $800. Upwork also charges 2.75% on top of your payment as a processing fee.

Fiverr also charges a fee on both parties. The buyers have to pay in advance for the GIG they wish to buy. Fiverr charge at $2 for GIGS up to $40 and 5% for everything above. The seller only gets 80% of its earnings because Fiverr takes 20% as part of their commission.


Asides their differences in pricing systems, these platforms also differ in how they manage work.

Looking at Upwork freelancers as a case study, they offer services that are related to only a specific set of skills that were selected solely by them.

In the case of Fiverr, people are free to provide a range of services offered at once.

Upwork system of work is that they bid for specific projects relating to their skill with unique applications and cover letters to clients anytime they post a job.

In the case of Fiverr, freelancers are hired by the clients based on the purchase of the particular service defined by the freelancer.

So in Fiverr instead of bidding for a job, you tend to get hired based on the certain services defined by you on your GIG.

But on Upwork, regardless of your general services uploaded with your profile, you still have to bid when a job advert is placed.


The most important thing while choosing the right freelancer is to make sure you are hiring for the quality of the work you deserve.

You will find the range of skilled professionals in the Fiverr & Upwork community. But there is a difference in how you find potential employees

On Upwork for example, you can search for the skills you need by selecting a particular niche and browsing through individual talents on their profile. By selecting one of the listed skills, there will be a display of a wide range of freelancers belonging to that category. Their profiles will give you all the information you need on the person including the hourly rate, the time since they have been on Upwork and much more information.

On Fiverr, you can search for talent by typing a keyword on the search Bar.

One fantastic feature to know about Fiverr is all the information you get on a freelancer from the click service. You can get all the comparison of packages that different people offer, this decides on who to hire easier.


Getting the right quality of work isn’t just about having to choose from multiple people

Upwork & Fiverr have a rating system that gives employers or hirers an idea of who they want to hire.

The ratings on ever freelancer are gotten from their previous employers

A freelancer with star ratings can give you peace of mind after being hired

For the protection of your work, you should avoid a freelancer that has a high rating on the completed job but without feedback, it shows that such a freelancer is getting rid of the negative reviews.


This is an important feature of the freelancer platform

Upwork for instance, the organization a project communication between the hirer and the freelancer after a project has been awarded such as creating milestones.

A milestone is created after a task has been created with an assurance that such payment has been deposited to the freelancing agency and will be released upon completion of a particular task.

Upwork also has a dispute resolution center where problems can be addressed like payment not released after a project which is against the agreement. The person assigned to preside over the case will get the injured party the money back if the ground for the complaint is valid.

Fiverr doesn’t have the work management system as Upwork. So long the seller complies with the condition of the service, everything will go on smoothly.

However, an employer can quickly reach out to the employee by a direct message on the Fiverr platform to know the progress of the project.

Unlike Upwork Fiverr doesn’t offer a mediator or assign a person from the Fiverr body to resolve a dispute. You can only visit the resolution center to extend the project time or to ask for an update on the order.

It is difficult to resolve an issue in Fiverr when it comes up.


Picking a side between Fiverr and Upwork will be a personal decision based on your unique needs.

For most companies, Upwork is the ideal option because of larger projects or knowledge and experience of a person. Fiverr is best for minor and simple projects to save cash. You can get easy jobs from Fiverr.

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