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Splitly – Boost Profits Amazon Sales – Split Testing 2020


Splitly Amazon Tool


Every business owner aims to outshine its competitors by maximizing business profits. The splitly is the software that can help you to achieve. The splitly software gives its users more chances of taking control of the market profit so that they can get ahead of their competitors.

Amazon has gone far to be ranked as one of the top online marketing platforms and the competition even gets more difficult among the Amazon operators so getting a decent Amazon deal or advertising technique among other merchants may be difficult.

The dealers need to look for means to upgrade their business above other rivals, this is why Amazon gives its users certain split testing tools with instruments like splitly to help their item introduction and deals so that they can thrive in the competitive market.


The splitly is a split-testing tool specifically made for Amazon sellers. With the split test tool, you can conduct control and randomize experiments to improve your website metrics like clicks, form completion, and purchases.

Split testing is similar to performing a controlled experiment by which the methods can be applied to the web page.


  • Best results
  • It tests every element of your product listing
  • It tests your pricing, images, descriptions, features, and keywords
  • It offers artificial intelligence(AI) optimization tool
  • Easy to monitor your tank for the most important keyword


  • It doesn’t offer a free trial


The split test offers various benefits to its users, the benefits of the splitly are highlighted below.

  • The splitly eliminates the chances of having the same products labels and layouts when you happen to present your products on application.
  • The splitly is a testing tool that can improve the products viewed by consumers on Amazon, with an increased number of consumer views, you stand a better chance of selling the product.
  • On the pricing aspect, the splitly helps the user to establish the right amount of products to get more profits. The splitly will suggest you lower the amount of low cost product and increase the number of sales converts.
  • The product features help you to decide what to get and why consumers should buy it because the splitly test communicates better with the customers informing them about the product features and the benefits the product offers.
  • It measures the length of the product title and helps the product to get a better ranking position to attract customers.
  • The splitly test offers you a better chance to change your values, item depiction, and highlights the pictures that will build your business page.
  • The splitly test researches the estimation of an item and will help you change the product value as indicated by free market activity



This feature is very useful for amazon sellers. Instead of you wasting time and effort on making new content, designing new pictures and alternating the market price of the products, the split testing could just ease your stress and save you energy by helping you to do all these things in a split second.

The splitly is every amazon seller’s assistant because it can carry their task with their minimal involvement.


The keyword rank tracking has a massive influence on the Amazon landscape. The rank tracking helps you monitor the ups and downs of your keywords standing and make sure they are placed in the indexed lists.

The efficiency of this feature is well spotted compared to other features because it helps you to imply by listing the optimization that affects your Amazon ranking.

Through the historical report, you can know the circumstance that caused the partial change of your product either negatively or positively.

Once the defects or cause of the decline in your ranking charts have been detected, the split test will develop a better alternative to avoid such a decline in the future.


The market is constantly changing, if you fail to maximize at the right moment while the market is fluctuating, your product rank listing may come crumbling no matter how high it is. The splitly removes the pressure as it offers to decide when to change your price when the time comes.

This feature offers more than the split testing feature because we cannot do without the market as it changes constantly.

The split testing may be paused after getting an acceptable optimization but manipulating the price while the market is fluctuating is not something we can do without; this is why the profit peak is more important.

You don’t need to be there before the profit peak can take action to alternate your market price, you only need to activate it.


The split test has 4 plans with each having a discount. However, it should be noted the discount is 10% of each plan and can only work in the first month, the normal price follows after the first month. The plans are detailed below.

  • The Starter plan starts at $47 with a discount of       $42.30. This plan offers A/B test, 100 keywords, and European & US market places.
  • The Growth pricing plan starts at $97 with a discount of $87.30. This plan includes the profit peak feature, an increased 10 concurrent test, and 500 keywords.
  • The Business plan starts at $197, it comes with a discount of $177.30 with 25 concurrent tests and 1000 keywords.
  • The Enterprise plan which is the most expensive plan starts at $497 with a discount of $447.30. it comes with 5000 keywords and 100keywords at the top shelf. This plan is sufficient to serve the largest sellers at the amazon market place.


Amazon is one of the fast-selling online markets and might be difficult to edge other strong rivals in product sale but with the splitly instrument, you can be one of the best Amazon merchants because Amazon sellers have a chance to profit above other competitors while using splitly.

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