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Best Sniply Alternatives & Competitors 2020 – Call to Action


Sniply Alternatives

INTRODUCTION: Sniply Alternatives

Lack of traffic is one of the problems the website owners or online business owners experience on their website. The inability not to have heavy traffic on the website can be frustrating.

However, these days generating solid traffic to your page is now easier, thanks to the invention of the tools that can fix this issue. The sniply is among the many tools that can send needed traffic back to your website.

It should be noted that all tools aren’t perfect as they have their differences, setback, and strength. This is why we will be reviewing the sniply alternatives. They include the following:


Britrix24 is a free social CRM software and a cloud open source that provides CRM, document management in the market. There is a lot of CRM tool available in Britrix24 as it features social CRM.

Britrix24 has variants of lead management tools and some automation features that collaborate to make an excellent SMB value. Britrix24 works with facebo0k, Viber, Instagram, telegram, VK, slack, skype and many more. It comes with sales automation tools that allow its users to automate the various aspects of the sales process including social media advertising.


  • It offers choices of using separate leads listing or going direct to contact
  • Kanban user interface available
  • Constant notification of activities and opportunity


  • Complex user interface
  • Social networking is limited

Other features of Bitrix24 includes free unlimited records, free 5GB online storage, Free email marketing, free call center, free custom field, free quotes, and invoices, etc.#


Britrix 24 offers a 30-day free trial. Then after a professional plan of $99 per month for unlimited users. This plan covers all the functions of Britrix24 and you will be entitled to it after paying the subscription.


Loomly is simply a calendar-based content creation tool mainly for midsize businesses. It has a channel tool where you can view and adjust posts as they will on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Loomly offers social media writers ideas on how their post should be to keep things fresh. It also organizes all assets in a dedicated library, the ability to preview posts before publishing.


  • It promises great social media content creation and management tool for individuals or small teams.
  • Post ideas help to generate timely content


  • It requires buffer integration or mobile app for publishing to Instagram


There is rated at $34 for two users and 10 accounts billed every month. This plan offers unlimited calendars, unlimited posts, and unlimited file upload. The offer also includes post ideas, post-optimization tips, audience targeting, approval workload, post sponsoring and as budget Cap of $500.

It also has a standard plan of $76 per month for up to six users and 20 accounts. It has an added feature of advanced analytics, content export, slack integration and an ad budget Cap of $1000.

The advanced plan costs $159 for one month for up to 16 users with 35 social accounts with all the features of the standard plan. However, this plan ad budget cap is 2000.

The premium plan costs $332 per month for up to 26 users with 50 social accounts, it has all the features of an advanced plan with the ad budget cap of $5,000.


This is a software that focuses on solutions to the online market. It allows its users to focus on creating a reward for referrals to grow their customer base. The users are allowed to choose multiple campaign types that can run on different platforms like websites, Facebook pages, and emails.

The invite referral can set up affordable referrals trusted by thousands of enterprises and small business including Microsoft, Dominos, coca-cola, sky, Mozilla, etc.

The features include unlimited referral, payout management, wallet integration, multiple campaigns, template support.


This is social customer care and marketing solution that enables agencies, marketers and business owners to do the following

  • Manage multiple social media channels
  • Automate customer service
  • Analyze market results
  • Co9llaborate within teams
  • Automate reporting processes

Currently, the Napoleon Cat is integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube and pinned interest.

The Napoleon Cat plan starts at $27 per month.


This is an all in one marketing dashboard and SEO tool designed for agencies. It saves them hours on reporting to clients while they can easily use the drag and drop dashboard report editor for nice PDF reports that send automatically. It schedules automated branded reports to provide clients a complete SEO update.

The features include auditing, competitor analysis, keyword research tools, keyword tracking, link management, mobile search tracking, rank tracking.

The AgencyAnalytic price starts at $49 monthly and it does not offer a free trial.


Constant Contact delivers solid email marketing capabilities in a nicely priced interface. However, the company is making efforts to increase its capabilities across other marketing channels and media buying. The Constant Contact fully serves the purpose of any mid-sized business marketer.

Its features include A/B testing, autoresponders, drip campaigns, dynamic content, image library, etc.


•    A wealth of different templates.

•    Intuitive and flexible editing module.

•    Selection of commerce and event integrations.


  • It can get pricey once you have thousands of contacts.

The pricing starts at $20 per month and there is no free version of constant contact.


The MailChimp is leading the email in the marketing category and it has the CRM feature and website builder to help small mid-sized businesses to carry out marketing campaigns.

The MailChimp helps small businesses to be smarter so that they can grow and acts as the backbone for customer relationships. 

Its features include mailing list management, subscriber management, template management, reporting analytics, etc.


  • Flexible pricing
  • Helpful documentation
  • Full-service making platform


  • It can still improve on the report function

The MailChimp price starts at $9.99 monthly and there is a free version of MailChimp.


This is the best UGC platform that helps the marketers to increase user engagement, build trust and grow conversions with solutions to discover curate and display user-generated content across all marketing touchpoints. It also empowers marketing strategies with brand advocacy and builds social interactions among users and the brand.

The Taggbox features include analytics, automated publishing, content management, conversion tracking, keyword filtering, and multi-account management.

The Taggbox price starts from $19.oo every month and there is a free version of Taggbox, It also offers a free trial.


The various alternatives are distinctively important as they all have their specialty. None of them are perfect but they sure can contribute to the success and growth of your online business.

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