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Compare Prowritingaid Premium vs Grammarly Premium 2020


Prowritingaid Premium vs Grammarly Premium

Introduction– ProWritingAid Premium vs Grammarly Premium.

Every writer aims to create a well-structured composition, articles in the best quality so that readers remain glued to their write-ups. However, it is almost impossible not to make errors grammatically while composing such an article.

No one is an island of knowledge right? Errors are at times made and the writer may not know and may still be thinking that such composition wasn’t faulty.  

That is why provisions like grammar detectors have been made to spot out every grammatical blunder and errors made while composing such an article.

There are various grammar errors checkers all on the internet but we will be considering only two majorly on their differences.

ProWritingAid and Grammarly will be the case study under this article as it is important to know their key differences.


The ProWritingAid is more than an ordinary spell checker tool, it can integrate with the google chrome, Microsoft word, scrivener and google docs. Professional writers and beginner writers will gain a lot from the ProWritingAid.

The ProWritingAid is an online writing editor that identifies contextual errors, plagiarized content and grammar spelling mistakes after which it corrects the errors with the written content.

ProWritingAid suggests a lot of improvements to your content for you to have meaningful content. 

It carefully checks in between the sentences for length variation, repetition and words that are meaningless or unnecessary to the composition.

The ProWritingAid looks deep into over-complicated constructions, the passive voice usage and many more. The thesaurus and word explorer are one of the features that the user benefits so that their ideas will be broadened and their vocabulary expanded.

The word explorer has various types of dictionary such as a cliché dictionary, reverse dictionary, alliteration dictionary, and a collocation dictionary. All around ProWritingAid aims to improve its use and to make sure there are grammatically sound at the end of the day.


  • Grammar checker
  • Word Explorer
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Contextual Thesaurus report
  • Detailed Explanations


  • It covers punctuations, grammar checking, and contextual spelling
  • It takes the extra step of having a writer’s different writing style taking into account
  • ProWritingAid suggests dozens of different reports
  • Suggested corrections and flagged errors come with a detailed explanation


Grammarly is used generally by everyone because of its ability to detect slight mistakes like the omission of punctuation marks where they are required.

Grammarly is an online grammar checker used by everyone and it offers its service for free. Grammarly has a vocabulary enhancement tool that helps to improve content. Grammarly is globally used by many people to fix their social media posts, posts, emails, and articles. It corrects wrong spellings, punctuation and grammatical errors. Grammarly’s contextual technology enhances the user’s vocabulary by identifying and rectifying contextual errors.

Grammarly helps in improving writing style and makes written content more engaging and effective to the readers. Grammarly is also useful in correcting improper word placement, the modifying article used and it is also used to enhance the verb to adjective agreement skills.


  • Comma usage
  • Integration with social media and Gmail.
  • Missing articles
  • Words spelled incorrectly
  • Repetitive word


  • Writers will have an improved style which will make their write-ups effective and appealing to the readers.
  • It solves the contextual issue and boosts the knowledge of the readers.
  • Grammarly fix small-expression mistakes that may not even be identified by other tools.
  • It provides a strong recommendation to replace weak adjectives.
  • Grammarly can be easily added to firefox or google chrome and it is compatible with all popular devices, operating systems, and Word Processors.


The two grammar checkers are very effective and may be difficult to pick your favored grammar checker. So we will be considering the key differences between the types. After then, you get to decide which grammar checker suits your articles or write-ups while you want to correct grammar errors.


  • ProWringAid corrects an error on content style, syntax, and structure but the Grammarly is more focused on grammar aid and punctuation
  • ProWritingAid offers a deep explanation for its recommendation but Grammarly focuses on simple errors.
  • ProWritingAid works more on long-form content like long essays or writes ups but Grammarly is suitable for short blog posts.
  • ProWritingAid is less expensive on an annual basis than Grammarly.
  • ProWritingAid has a sticky sentence index feature while Grammarly comes with a vocabulary enhancer feature to avoid repetitive words.




  • Applauds good writing and doesn’t overwhelm you with notifications
  • The axolotl feature allows you to maintain the  tone of your message


  • Shows grammar errors and redundant words
  • The desktop extension works on most platforms



  • Suggests edits after finished work
  • The free plan is quite limited


  • Too much of an advertisement until you switch to premium.



ProWritingAid offers a free plan which only has one feature, you can only scan a 500-word document.

The premium version of ProWritingAid is tagged at $50 per annum and it unlocks the following features; no word limit, desktop version support, integration for ms word, google docs, chrome, and scrivener

The premium aid+ is the highest plan of ProWritingAid, it offers a $60 per year. It has an added feature which is 50 plagiarism check per year.


Grammarly also offers a free plan just like ProWritingAid to scan documents for basic grammatical errors.  unlike ProWritingAid, the free plan doesn’t have a word limit

The premium plan is $29.95 per month with an added feature of 100 grammar checker software points, punctuation errors, and contextual spelling.

N.B after considering a thorough review, it stands the two software is strong and they perform similar service.

Since the two software can do edit any work, its recommended you go for ProWritingAid as it is geared towards more authors of books and manuscripts. Grammarly is limited to short articles and essays.

ProWritingAid offers more features that will make necessary changes to the author’s work, but Grammarly only uses the features of a plagiarism checker to alter similar sentences which is not as efficient as ProWritingAid. So it’s best you go for ProWritingAid.


 The two software are very important regardless of Grammarly being limited to some features ProWritingAid has. Grammarly is better to work with on short blog posts as ProWritingAid Works, rather on a heavy project. Either way, it is best you keep both the software’s for your short articles and also for your long project.

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