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Ninja Outreach – One of Best Blogger Outreach tool in 2020




On every website or page, there is a need for heavy traffic, a blog without a website simply cannot grow. You need to promote your blogs to your intended audience and promoting a blog is a difficult task especially when you run out of creativity. But how can this be done? You need to find a way to tackle this problem and one of the best ways of dealing with it is the Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach is one of the best ways of promoting your blog content effectively.


The Ninja Outreach is marketing software or a tool that helps you to find influencers that will reach out to your web page. It is a tool that can help you as a blogger.

The major feature of the tool is the ability to make the prospecting process much more convenient for bloggers.

How useful your prospect will depend on how you use it.

After which the contact details have been generated using this tool, you can then schedule by sending emails to your target influence so that you can connect with them and also build relationships with them.


  • All-inclusive marketing tool for bloggers
  • Moderately priced compared to its contemporaries
  • Awesome customer support


  • It doesn’t load fast



To expand your business, you can use this tool to attract more customers, promote your business and make more profit. Ninja Outreach has a large corporate customer database with over 1 million accounts that you can search by entering targeted areas and niche markets.

By identifying the ideal number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube, you can easily identify potential customers with the largest audience and social reach. You can also find companies with high interest by determining the number of likes, comments or promotions for each social networking platform.

If you need more specific information, you can also search for specific keywords or group searches to display URLs containing keywords or phrases. If you are looking for a customer’s email, you can get a list of URLs that you want to check, and Ninja Outreach truncates the customer’s email address and contact information.


Ninja Outreach offers a complete solution for marketing agents. Agency solutions offer unlimited search capabilities, allowing you to work with larger campaigns, and unlimited email schedule, an unlimited number of users, a large amount of data storage and a higher export rate.

With Ninja Outreach you can find the right journalists, bloggers, and influential people and contact them in just a few clicks, which will save you a lot of time and money.

You can filter out all the requirements (for example, B. Domains, Subscribers, Approvals, and other key metrics to get a list of potential customers suitable for your campaigns and 25 million Ninja Outreach representatives.

There’s no shortage and you don’t have to worry about randomly collecting dead email addresses: Ninja Outreach can use site robots to find email addresses in seconds and check email using the built-in email verification tool.


Ninja Outreach saves you time every week and automates your relationship-building efforts. There are several options for contact management strategies that you can use to connect to Ninja Outreach such as:

  • Competitor link building
  • Broken link building
  • Guest post link building 
  • Resource page link building
  • Expert roundups
  • Link roundups
  • Infographic link building
  • The podcast and interview link building

To find links to link building, you can search by industry/niche database, location. This gives you access to thousands of customers who create high-level links to stay connected.

You can sort your customers by SEO and domain permissions, to reach users with the highest privileges in the first place. To automate the linking process, you can send unlimited e-mails to two automatic follow-up letters to potential customers.

The receiver of the e-mail does not recognize the sender of the e-mail, because he can create special fields that are automatically filled in with personal information, such as the name and URL of the website. Save and track all interactions and conversations with key customers and attach tags and notes using the built-in CRM.

Contact Relationship Management

With Ninja Outreach’s built-in CRM, you can track all interactions with each host to see how these relationships work. This is a very useful tool when working with hundreds or thousands of contacts.

Because you can track everyone who works with you and know who and when to follow. CRM itself is very easy to use and works without any problems with all other functions.

Easily add tags to your contacts so you can sort and filter them later. You can also add the current status to your relationship (for example, if you, post a message, you will know exactly where your campaign is located).


Ninja Outreach has two main packages, and the price depends on the amount you want to send each month and how many users you need. The plan is called “FLEX” and “PRO”. The FLEX package contains 1000 contacts, 1 location, 1 email, and unlimited data search and export.

This package gives you access to a complete database of 60,000,000 authoritative users on Instagram, 19,500,000 business letters, and 6,000,000 bloggers. This package costs only $ 49 per month (annual billing) and is ideal for business owners and webmasters who want to use their influence.

The PRO package is very similar, except that you can have 4,000 contacts, 3 locations, and 4 emails. Therefore, this is a good plan for a large company with a marketing team or a small marketing agent who wants to influence participants on behalf of their clients. This package is $ 149 per month (annual bill).


All in all, Ninja Outreach is a great tool that will save you a lot of time and money and help you grow your business quickly through reputable marketing, link building and generating potential customers. Industrial marketing is growing rapidly, and there is no sign of a slowdown. Therefore, if your business is always one step ahead, you need to study it.

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