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Quick Steps for Marketing Your Brand on Pinterest in 2020


Marketing your Brand on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest can bring you huge dividends. It would help if you considered marketing your brand on Pinterest to increase your revenue and expand your reach. To Market Your Brand On Pinterest, you need to set up a business account. You can do so by following the straightforward instructions.

If you are in the services sector, you can particularly enjoy Pinterest as a lot of services-based businesses are making their presence felt on Pinterest. These include attorneys, real estate agents, shrinks, financial consultants, counselors, etc.

Now let us look at some strategies that you can use to market and promote your business well on Pinterest and divert more traffic to your website and hopefully win new customers.


Pinterest is a visual search engine. It is not exactly a social network, but it allows users to interact, although that is not its primary motive. It’s meant for discovering ideas and solutions for a wide variety of subjects. As a business owner and a marketer, you can use Pinterest to create awareness about your brand and make new customers.

You can do this by running paid and organic advertising campaigns for your brand. In this article, we will explore different marketing strategies that you can use to raise your business profile on Pinterest and popularize your brand.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a kind of social media platform where people come and post stuff in the form of pictures, videos, and text. They post anything which they find inspiring, entertaining, or helpful. Those posts are explored, shared, and stored by different users.

As of now, it has 322 million active users worldwide. The number is continuously rising. The majority of Pinterest users are women. Let us now briefly discuss some terms associated with Pinterest. 

Pin: A pin is a post that you share on Pinterest. It could be an image, a video, an infographic, or a text.

Pinner: The users of Pinterest referred to as pinners.

Board: A board is a place where pinners share their pins under similar themes. It could be for any topic from “best colors for your bedroom” to “best-performing stocks.”

Secret board: Secret board is a board, but it is visible to you and to those whom you allow. 

Repin: Repin is when you share somebody’s pin to your board. 

Share quality pins regularly

Pinterest encourages you to pin at least daily. The pin should have a text overlay, and you should not forget to include relevant hashtags and keywords.

Most users will see your pin on their mobiles, so it should be mobile-friendly. It should have a short and enticing description of the image or video which other pinners can relate to.

Create interesting boards

It would help if you created your boards with exciting themes that relate to your product or services. On that boards share captivating stuff. If you are a clothing company, you can make a board on “party wear, “latest collection,” “new trends,” “evening wear,” and so on. 

Follow SEO guidelines

You should optimize your content according to Pinterest’s SEO. Just like other search engines, Pinterest has its own set of techniques and tools that will help your pin reach maximum pinners.

It would help if you used the relevant keywords in your pins, boards, company name, and description. Use the popular hashtags that are trending. These will increase your pinner’s engagement.

Join other Pinterest boards

Besides creating your own board, another good marketing strategy is to join others’ boards. You should see which pinner has a significant following and has set up boards that relate to your niche.

You should join those boards. It will allow you to share your products and services and tap new customers’ bases. Usually, to join other boards, send them a request or follow their account. You can easily do this and get connected with other users that may be interested in your business services.

Devise a strategy

As Pinterest itself says, “Build a strategy that takes consumers from awareness to purchase.” You should focus on this and come to Pinterest with a clear aim and what you want to achieve.

First, make pins that develop interest among pinners, and then lure them into becoming your customers. For example, if you are selling something, take an attractive picture of your product, adorn it with a catchy caption that is SEO friendly.

Use keywords and hashtags that are relevant and engaging, and you can expect an order. This is one example of building a good strategy. You can create plans that suit your particular business model.

Share your content on other social media

You should share your Pinterest account and pins on other social media platforms. It will increase your chances of being viewed and followed. You can integrate your account with Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy.

You can also link your Pinterest profile with Facebook and Google accounts. You can easily share content among networks, find and make new friends, and expand your reach.

Monitor your progress

You can monitor your traffic monthly through the analytics provided by Pinterest. The data will tell you if your marketing efforts are geared in the right direction. Based on the data, you can make changes and improve your marketing efforts. This will help you reach your goals.


Pinterest is gaining popularity by every passing day. It is a search engine, and social media network rolled into one. It is more effective in diverting traffic back to your website than any other social media.

The key is good content. Your pins should captivate and luxurious. A picture can say a thousand words, and this adage is gaining new meaning with the increasing popularity of Pinterest.

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