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INTELLIGYNCE – Shopify Products Research Tool in 2020




E-commerce is one of the major trends in earning online income through online markets.

Owning an online market gives you the chance to grow your financial account, business, and career. Instead of creating products, you can either pick them from a network and sell them as yours. However, you will need a product that can sell or trend in the market, and getting the right tool to do this might be at times strenuous.

But why worry yourself when the intelligynce platinum software is there to assist you in searching for the best dropshipping products.

This review will show you what more the intelligynce has to offer.


The intelligynce is a powerful tool that is majorly used to spy on various Shopify stores for best and trending products. The cloud-based software can search through thousands of Shopify shop just to get the best niche.

It can also get over 2 million products with an analysis of the products and where it can be gotten from. The analysis of the products can be used to win customers and get in-demand products for your store.


  • It helps in finding the best products
  • Saves time and money in finding profitable products
  • It helps in finding the best products under any niche.
  • It can download reviews from Shopify
  • It can download AliExpress products


  • DFY Shopify stores are expensive



This is a major feature of intelligynce, the cloud software can spy through thousands of stores on millions of products. Not only that, it gives you all the details of the products so that you can decide to either resell the product or not.


You will find the Shopify products on the first tab, enter a keyword on any of the products you want to sell. You have to specify on the keyword that relates directly to the product because merely typing a keyword would give you an endless result of products. It’s always good you take advantage of the filter options to get your result as quickly as possible.

The filter options include:

1. Social filters.

With the social filter, you can filter stores with a set number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

II. The store filters allow you to search for products from stores that have a set number of daily traffic, currency and it also filters the minimum and maximum selling prices.


This search function is similar to that of the Shopify products. The only difference is you search for stores instead of products.

It is important to know the competing stores so that you can research on their products, this can help to improve your e-commerce business.

The keywords to find the stores are the same as that of Shopify products. Specify the stores that have the product niche you want. You can use this feature to know the type of product they are selling and the best selling products. You can also get the daily store visitors and number of likes from Facebook and other social media the store has.

The filter options are the same as the Shopify products.

The social filters allow you to filter the searches if stores with a set number of likes and followers from 1000 to 1 million.

The store filters also help you to filter stores with traffic, daily sales, currency options, minimum and maximum price.

You can also add filters to help you find the stores with winning products and you can use the info to sell source products for your own.


Aside from the Shopify stores, the intelligynce can also be used to search for products on other stores such as Amazon and the eBay marketplaces.  You have the advantage of doing some research like price comparison on various e-commerce platforms.

There is also a bookmark feature that allows you to save any products and stores you found in the course of using the search function.


The hot product is a newly added feature. You can get it from the search function. It sieves a lot of products bringing you the fast selling products from the stores.

This feature is very useful for the newbies in the e-commerce market, it provides a lot of hot product they can pick for selling on their website.

The hot products are updated every week. You should be on alert so that other users won’t take note of the hot products ahead of you.


The Google Chrome extension feature makes it easy for the user to quickly access Shopify research using google chrome.

You only need to click on the extension and you will get a lot of information relating to the store.

It gives you detailed results on research like; top 5 best selling products, product launch activity, apps used, social media link and SEO stats.


First of all, the intelligynce has a coupon code that you can use to get a 50% off discount. Get Intelligynce + Ali Inspector when you purchase Intelligynce. It is a Lifetime deal of $99.

The intelligynce has various plans depending on your choice.

The lifetime plan is a one-time payment of $149. It offers the best value for money. It might look a bit expensive but it is a great deal if you feel you would be using the software extensively for your product research.

The monthly plan offers $29 each month. This offer is good although you will be paying it every month and the accumulation after a year might exceed that of the lifetime plan. But if you feel you might not be using it every month then, you can go for it.

The annual plan offers a $99 per year. This offer is good for those who use the software extensively but not certain of how long it will be used. It offers plenty of value for money and you can save more than the monthly paid plan.

N.B  These offers are all based on discount and it is merely temporal. You should take the deal now if you are interested in the software.


The intelligence is certainly a worthwhile investment for e-commerce businesses because it can save you hours of endless research on products. It is user-friendly and it is well detailed concerning the products’ information.

By using the intelligynce software you will get to know the best products you need to grow your e-commerce businesses. It is a sure bet for the success of your online markets.

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