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Garry Kasparov Russian Chess Grand Master Class 2020




Chess could be a lot of fun if you know how to play it but people don’t get familiar with the game of chess.

The Garry Kasparov master chess program is one of a kind that can pick the best out of you while training on how to play chess.

This article, we shall be talking about the brief story of Garry Kasparov and the overview of Garry Kasparov master chess.


Garry Kasparov, a writer, and political activist and also a former chess champion are considered one of the greatest chess masters of all time.

He started as a chess player in 1986 and retired in 2005.

A world champion for a very long time with a peak score of 2851 in 1999, the highest score before Magnus Carlsen broke the record in 2013.

Kasparov is a Victor when it comes to chess and he has won various record of chess professional tournament including 11 Oscars for chess.


The Garry Kasparov chess master class is one interesting and packed with fun.

We shall be giving a review and all you need to know about the Garry Kasparov master class


The Kasparov master class one of the leading online class and experts consider the learning platform as innovative and easy to use.

It offers excellent materials you can use to learn and get yourself into the game quickly. The learning material varies as they can be gotten from videos, audios, and downloadable books.

The videos are attractive because of the lucid graphics and the audios are quality. The videos have smooth sessions and episodes and you won’t experience slow loading.

The master class has other sessions where you will meet other experts and tutors like Daniel Negreanu, Simone Biles, Phil Ivey that will teach you this great game. Other subjects can be taken from the platform. Lessons like writing, music, learning the piano, cooking jazz among other topics.

The Kasparov master class contains 28 thrilling videos, it is long but interesting and you won’t get bored because Garry has a presentation technique and he will surprise you with this.

The master class video has most lessons in the curriculum., its workbook comes with assignments that will keep you engaged and lesson recaps. The workbook will help to polish your skills with different exercises and the workbook serves as a guide any time you forget a skill or strategy.

The Kasparov Master class lesson can be taken from any part of the world, from your home, while on a trip or anywhere you consider comfortable. You don’t need to reschedule your time table or skip classes because subscribing to the classes gives you unlimited access to watch the videos anytime you are free.


All the classes of Garry Kasparov master classes have standard prices. The subscription of Garry Kasparov’s lesson is $90 which can be paid only once.

But the main key to the Master Class lesson is to pay $180 as it will cover two sessions of 65 lessons. Also, those who want to book classes for their kids with an exclusive package will have access to all the lessons master class.


The Garry Kasparov master class lesson covers everything you need to know about chess playings like multiple chess elements, tactics, strategies, and chess-playing elements. After these lessons have been instilled, it won’t be difficult in applying what you have learned into the game properly.

The topics include the following:

  • The power of double attack and how to defend against it
  • Getting the best out of your weak and stronger pieces.
  • Understanding the effects of pins and using them to weaken the opponents
  • Tracing opponent’s targets and employing tactics to disrupt their coordination
  • How to attack quickly after spotting the opponent’s weakness
  • Exploiting overloads to kill out a game
  • Winning tracks and endgames essential
  • Gary’s best moves since childhood and how he used them to win
  • How to counter your opponent when they know your planned move.
  • Gary takes down on the world the best world ranked player and breaks down the reason for each step used.
  • Analyzing opponents and playing against the computer
  • How to win tight matches

The topics can’t be exhausted as there are many more to learn to become a chess master.


Among other online courses, the Garry Kasparov Master class has features that surpass its counterparts. Gary brings a wealth of experience and his students have the advantage to learn from his experience.

His experience starts from his childhood when he started playing chess as a teenager. He comes as a winner and a leader to his students and shares all his knowledge of chess with them.

An interesting part of the Master class is the quality of his presentation, Gary is committed to being dynamic, direct and incisive. There is a clear interactive presentation of topics without slow loading or cracking.

The Garry Kasparov Master class beats some other online classes relating to chess because it is more direct covering the essential parts of chess to the root.

Students taking the Garry Master chess class have an improved thinking process and they become better in analytical and math subjects.


It is always a difficult task in looking for an online class and making reviews on the class quality and the tutors may be a difficult task. The Gary Masterclass makes this process simpler as you don’t need to search further for a Chess training class.

Chess is a subject where the learning process is continuous like learning new skills from the rival. This is why the Garry Kasparov Master Class is recommended for every chess beginner or player who wants to become a pro because it offers all these features.

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