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Best Features of Ecom Hunt Vs DropShip Spy in 2020


Ecom Hunt Vs DropShip Spy

Introduction: Ecom Hunt Vs DropShip Spy

Online business is booming and easier, thanks to the likes of dropshipping. Small scale online businesses could go to the extent of growing globally and yield more earnings in a very short period.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs don’t even need the stock market to earn money when the eCommerce is available and to start an online business is just on their fingertips.

Dropshipping is one of the online businesses to make quick money by selling products but picking the right tool is more important. This is why we will be considering two tools for dropshipping; the Ecom Hunt and Dropship Spy.


If you want to get one of the best products with high sales conversion, you should go for the ecom hunt because it offers these services. The ecom hunt offers one of the best services for dropshipping like finding the hot and trending products selling online.

It gives details about the products you need and other details relevant to the products.



For newbies, you don’t need to worry yourself about getting familiar with the Ecom Hunt. Ecom Hunt is very easy to use. Every user has access to daily products and product data on their account dashboard. All you need to do is to click on ”show me money” on your dashboard anytime you see a product that you like. The ”show me money” option displays useful information of the product including the Facebook advert videos on the product, the suppliers of the product links. However, the feature is only meant for pro members, free users don’t enjoy this feature.


With product analytics, you will know how far you can go with the product whether you will gain a lot from the product or not. Product analytics generally broadens the mind of its users on the type of product in question and the possible gain from such a product. The product analytic gives ranges from the general reviews of the product, the number of orders received and total votes.


This is a basic feature of ecom hunt and a key to its importance. Here, you can find the trending or latest products and also ads that are hitting and you can use the data to create your own.


The ad hunter extension works by re-running the top ads of various competitors from Facebook. It will pick the best of the ads and re-run them using the template.


In terms of price, the ecom hunt offers at an affordable rate for their plans. They have 2 plans; the first plan is the free membership plan which of course is free but has limited data, 2 daily products, 5 saved products and also there is at least 3days delay on new products.

The pro membership which is the second plan starts at $29 monthly and offers unlimited products per day, full data access and unlimited saves for products.


The dropship spy, just like the ecom hunt is also a tool to find the product that is selling fast. The dropship spy services are exclusively for its members with a dropship spy account.



The dropship spy has a cool interface that makes it easy and attractive for the users. Once you open your homepage, you can navigate to access many features of the tools

The process is very easy because all the tabs are listed for you to follow with just a single click.


The dropship spy serves as a tool to filter the latest products in the market. Through this feature, users can know the products that are can be sold perfectly in the online store.

This tool doesn’t stress the users as it does all the research on the products, it is only left to the user to decide the best products or the most suitable products.


Through the winner products, you will know the products that do well among other products. This tool helps you to track products under different niches. This tool can add value to your store no matter the type of niche you are operating on.


This feature describes the product for you like the selling price and the potential profits you will make on the products. It also allows you to know the products that have high demands in the online store. Depending on the plan you choose, there are other features to be unlocked.


The dropship spy offers four different plans. Although, their rate is slightly higher it comes with more features. Their plans include:

The free membership plan, this plan majorly gives users free access to drop ship spy section for winning products and access to basic information about the product such as the performance, product description, and best prices. The free membership plan has limited features.

The basic membership plan starts at $17 for one month, there additional features under this plan than the free membership plan. The features include the supplier’s data and potential profits, more detailed engagement scores, Oberlo link for import, advert templates that can be used with Facebook, sales data and reports from amazon and eBay.

The premium membership plan starts at $27 per month it has additional features like a database that lists the promising products, research tools for Instagram, the Facebook audience for products and Facebook audience builders.

The professional membership plan which is the peak of all the plans starts at $35 per month, this plan offers a more comprehensive package. The plan includes a product request, review downloader, Instagram influencer database, Facebook audience request, and influencer request.


It is hard to pick the best tool for the online market between the ecom hunt and dropship spy because they share almost the same functions though they may have different functions.

If you want a fair price and still want to access these features, then you can consider the ecom hunt. The dropship spy rate is a little bit higher than the ecom hunt but has more packages and functions. Business owners who want to quickly boost their products at the online market can consider the dropship spy.


The internet service as it is today can be used to earn money more than what you think, this is why online markets are booming. You have to maximize the internet using these online markets in place to earn money. The dropship spy and ecom hunt are in place for you to just get started. Sign up with one of them today.

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