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Convertkit – Best Email Marketing Automation Review 2020



Introduction – Convertkit

The internet houses many businesses in the world today. The way we control most of these emails is through our Emails. We receive messages from clients, users or subscribers based on the nature of the business.

This makes communication very easy and fast and can be very effective for a while. As your business grows, your clients and subscribers will grow as well. This will lead to an increased number of emails you will receive.

One of the key features of a good business is great customer service. Customer service provides a different connection between your company and your clients. If they have a problem and need help, or if they need clarification on a matter, they will contact you.

So you need solid customer service to run a great business. An email management service will be required when the amount of emails you receive is too much.

So you can control your business knowing that email management is not a problem. Convertkit is one of the most popular email management services available in the world currently.

Many people are using it for their business and there are many success stories about it. So I’d you run an online business, you may need Convertkit as well.

Why use convertkit?

There are many different email management services available for you to choose from. So you will likely why you should choose convertkit ahead of others. Convertkit is a new email service and so it accounts for the current state of businesses.

Other email management services may be older and have served many businesses, but can’t keep up. The online world is constantly evolving and changing so you need something that matches the market. With convertkit, you will be able to grow your business thanks to good customer service.

Why do we love convertkit?

Even though convertkit is new to the online world, it has a large customer base. So what makes people want to use convertkit? Every email service offers different advantages to the users, and convertkit has many.

These advantages are what make the service enjoyable, and attract people to it. Some of the benefits convertkit offers its users includes:

  • Simple to use: With the complexity of running an online business, any other platform needs to be easy to use. This will help make things simple for you and improve your business.
  • Convertkit considers this and its software is easy to use. The interface of the software is easy to comprehend and doesn’t require any expertise.
  • So you can handle it yourself and get great results. No need to hire someone else to operate the platform for you, or teach you how to use it. While the software is simple to use, it is powerful in its function, handling incoming messages.
  • Easy to integrate with WordPress: Bloggers are one of those who use convertkit frequently. WordPress has plug-ins and requirements you need to meet.
  • This will require you to use convertkit along with WordPress. When this is done, you can use them simultaneously. Convertkit accounts for this function and is designed to make it easy.
  • The integration process is simple and quick, so you don’t lose time on your work. To achieve this, convertkit makes use of embed codes, as well as forms, simplifying the process.
  • Tag-based subscriberRsubscriberR4 system: Tags are a great way of grouping information. It works based on the identification of a keyboard.
  • With your client base seemingly large, some customers may be asking the same questions. You can’t spend the time providing an answer to each client saying the same thing.
  • With a tag-based system, you can provide an answer to multiple people simultaneously. As long as they are in the same tagged category.
  • No charge for duplicate subscribers: Duplicate subscribers are a common feature in online businesses.
  • As email management services Charge based on the number of subscribers, this can increase the cost. You will end up paying for more subscribers than you have.
  • Convertkit accounts for duplicate subscribers and it will only charge you for your real subscribers.
  • Pricing: Some email management services are too expensive for the service they offer. In many cases, the cost isn’t worth the charge. Convertkit is not only cheaper than other services, but its cost is worth the service offered.
  • Live customer support: If you encounter a problem, you will need to contact a customer service representative to help you.
  • Many email management services take this for granted, using chatbots to respond to customers. This is not a bad idea, but a bot can’t solve some problems, so you need a real person.
  • Convertkit offers live support 24 hours daily, all year long. So if you have any problems, it can be fixed easily.

What we don’t like about Convertkit

While it offers great service and we love it, the are some things that we will love to change about Convertkit. This will help to improve user experience and make using the service easier. Some things we would like to change include:

  • Lack of many customized templates: When you are creating something new, you will want to customize it to match your taste.
  • Some templates have already been created to help customize convertkit. The available templates are not impressive enough and are limited. If you want something different, you will need to do something else which may be hectic.
  • You cannot customize cold subscribers: Cold subscriber is a tag that is used to represent inactive subscribers.
  • Once added to this tag, you cannot remove them from the list. So they will not be recipients of some of your broadcasts.
  • Sometimes, you will need to reach across to cold subscribers to ensure that they return. So this feature is not convenient for the users.
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