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Convert Plug WordPress Popup Plugin For Lead Generation 2020


convert plug


Email marketing in years has been one of the best ways to stay connected with customers. At least 91% of online customers check their emails every day, so we cannot but overemphasize the importance of email marketing. The mind begging question here is how can you build your email list? This is why we will be reviewing the Convert plug. Perhaps this review could clear your curiosity.


The convert plug is one of the best WordPress plugins that helps its user to add different opt-in forms. The convert plugin which is developed by Brainstorm force is majorly used in e-commerce such as email list building and conversion optimization. The plugin is a solution to increase the conversion rate of websites

The plugin provides varieties of features to its users that keep them engaged in their email.


• Promote videos

• Share recent updates

• Redirect traffic

• Offers special deals

• Generate social followers


No free trials guarantee



The built-in editor customizes your display option so that it can become more attractive. It has 3 sections namely; design, behavior, and submission.

The design section focuses on the details like the background color, design theme, layouts animation effect and visitors

The behavior section mainly defines launching options, select the devices to hide and set target pages

The submission section is meant to allocate the campaign for its users.

The convert plug also has a real live editor feature that helps in making changes to the template and it doesn’t require any code to make alterations.


You can access different display positions from the convert plug to get the attention of your web visitors. All you need to do is to opt for any of the module options. The module options include the following:

i. The modal popup: it displays offers, promotes videos and build email lists. It is highlighted between the screen to display offers.

ii. Video modal popup: it is targeted to users who prefer visual content. It can be highlighted within and after a post

iii. Full-screen popup: it can be used to make visitors sign up and also to display offers or to divert customers to another page.

iv. Info bar: it can also be the seed to divert users to another page or to offer a special coupon and webinar registration.

v. Two-step opt-in: This is used to display show visitors their interest and an option to subscribe.


This feature helps the users to track their history. The repetition of a module can be restricted when the enable cookies mode is activated.

The feature also helps to determine the days a module will not be displayed once a form is submitted, this can only happen after conversion.


This feature allows its users to target categories and post, the users can display various opt-in forms in different pages with targeted messages, taglines and designs.

This feature can be activated by going to ”target pages” you will set the enable on complete to ‘yes’. The ‘yes’ option will allow the module to apply to your entire site and when you select the ‘no’ option you will only have to mention pages or categories you want your module to be.


Through this feature, you can decide the best module to send to particular web visitors. The convert plug identifies your first-time users and it helps you to decide if you need to display a specific module to them.

Also, through the device detection feature, you can personalize modules to show you the domains that users come from.


You can get some beautifully designed pre-made templates on the convert plug. The templates can be customized to your liking. The templates do not require any coding skills as well. It can be done by editing the font, color, size by using the buttons within the input box.


The convert plug can be integrated with a wide range of email service providers such as the Aweber, Mail chimp, Campaign Monitor, Mailster, Mad Mimi, etc.

This feature keeps you on the lead using the opt-ins.


The convert plugin has one of the best customer support services, they provide answers to technical questions asked and they help in the integration of the third party with ease.

The customer support tickets are used to ensure that every customers’ need is met. The convert plugin also hosts forums for the customers to discuss several improvements and updates.

It also has guides that are detailed in documentation, it explains to users how each feature or offers work. The video tutorials give the customers visual information for a more practical view.\


The convert plug offers two different plans namely Convert Plus and Convert pro

The convert plus is priced at $24 and can be bought through CodeCanyon. The plan offers the following features:

• Lifetime future updates

• Six months’ support which can be extended to 12 months a slightly increased rate of $7.13.

The Convert Pro starts at $99. It also has a bundle for agency businesses rated at $249.


A convert plug is undoubtedly a great option for business owners who wants to boost their email list. Everything you need to build your website for it to be attractive to the customers is all in convert plug. You can build your email campaigns, design an opt-in, set up to get the clicks for your required integration in the convert plug feature if used well.

The tools and features are sufficient to bring a wide range of customers to your website; the convert plugin is worth a try.

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