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Compare AWeber Vs Mailchimp Key Features 2020


AWeber vs mailchimp email


The benefits of email marketing hardly need any emphasis. AWeber vs Mailchimp Both are two big names in the world of email marketing. While both are great service providers and you cannot fail with either if you have to choose one it could be a daunting task. Here we give you an analysis of both these giants and present our conclusion.

AWeber and its key features

First, take a look at both to them individually before we start comparing them. Let us first start with AWeber.

AWeber was created in 1998. It was started with the aim of creating a simple email marketing platform for small businesses. Today it has over 100,000 businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. AWeber has over 700 templates, free stock images, autoresponders and so much more. Some of its key features are;

Easy to use: The interface of AWeber is fairly simple to understand and use. The Campaign Manager of AWeber lets you set up an email marketing campaign with an easy drag and drop editor. No need to be a coding expert to do that.

Auto response: A cool feature of AWeber is its ability to generate an appropriate auto response based on the customers’ activities. If a customer shops from your site, it can send a thank you note. If you don’t hear from a customer again another email message can be generated enticing him to shop with you again.

Sign up forms: The sign-up forms you provide are seamlessly integrated with platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce. They are also configured and branded beautifully.

Subscribers’ groupings: With AWeber, you can group your subscribers quite easily. There are features in it which let you segment subscribers based on a number of factors. You can then customize your email message for each segment which can increase your conversion.

MailChimp and its key features

MailChimp was started back in 2001. It started of well and has now around 16 million users. It offers features like advanced analytics, autoresponders, templates, etc. Let’s look briefly at some of them;

Email integration

You can easily set up and run email campaigns. It has a variety of pre-built themes and customizable layouts. You can optimize the send-time as well.

Landing pages

Mailchimp allows you to add landing pages with your email campaigns. You can use this feature to highlight a particular product, a promotion, a contest, etc.

Sign up forms

Mailchimp provides you with a variety of sign up forms. They include embedded, pop up and the Mailchimp subscriber form.


You can make Facebook, Instagram and Google remarketing ads with Mailchimp and use them to increase your sale and grow your customer base.

AWeber vs Mailchimp:

Let us now compare the two services to see which one fares better over the other.

Getting started

Both Mailchimp and AWeber rely on simple and easy to follow procedure to get started. They both seek basic information from the user and guides you one step at a time on what to do next. Mailchimp offers an unlimited free trial so do not have to give out your credit card information to them at this stage.


Getting started is easy in both the cases. They both strive to give a user-friendly interface with little complexities.

Importing email

You will have to import your email list from files, third party services or your eCommerce tool. You can do so with ease here in the form of spreadsheets, excel sheets or even copy paste. You can then map the submitted information the listed fields.


Here Mailchimp takes the lead as it offers a very easy to follow user interface as compared to AWeber.

Sign up forms

AWeber lets you design your own sign up forms. They also have pre-made sign up forms. You can embed them in your website and also use them as your landing page.

Mailchimp sign up forms use HTML codes. So, in order to make one there you need to have some knowledge of the HTML language.


MailChimp loses here because not everyone is familiar with HTML language.

Email templates:

MailChimp gives you 100 email templates, in contrast AWeber has 700 email template designs. You can modify the given templates to fit your specific needs or even make a new one from scratch.


While it may look that given the number of templates AWeber would win it does not. MailChimp gives beautifully designed email templates so our vote is with MailChimp.


Newsletters are an integral part of email marketing strategy. You need it to keep your customers base up to date with your latest offers, special promotions and other such stuff.

Both these programs offer drag and drop approach to make newsletters. You can easily add, move and edit elements like text, logo, images etc. AWeber has a visual editor that lets you just type onto your e-newsletter and make the changes right there.


Because of the visual editor AWeber is the winner here. It makes editing very easy.

Grouping of subscribers

It is important that you are able to segment your subscribers based on their interests and other criteria. In this way, it will help you to target each group with a customized email message that takes care of their particular needs. Both programs give a lot of tools and options to segment the subscribers.


MailChimp wins here because it offers more in-depth and exhaustive segmentation options.


These were some of the key areas where we compared the two programs. You can commit to either and it will work alright. Each has its own pros and cons but both are more or less the same with not much difference.

Conclusively we can say that if you are a new business who doesn’t want to spend a lot, we recommend you go for Mailchimp. For large enterprises, AWeber would be a wiser option.

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