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Top CLICK MAGICK Alternatives For Tracking Links in 2020




Click Magick is one of the best tracking software. Every internet marketer who wants traffic would need tools to track his/her sales and conversions. If you an internet marketer and your ad don’t bring traffic, then it’s of no use and totally a waste of money. The Click Magick software offers one of the best tools for tracking and it brings some quality traffic.

We shall be considering the basics of Click Magick and shall be focusing more on its alternatives.


The Click Magick is a powerful tool or software that measure, optimize and improves the marketing efforts of online business owners and marketers.

The click Magick can help through monitoring and tracking of link clicks of its users and broaden their knowledge on how to increase conversions and earn more money. It offers a user-friendly interface, link rotators, organic trackers among other features.


  • Sets up tracking links with advanced settings
  • Supports split testing
  • Very fast support
  • Gives a thorough report and can export data
  • It offers affordable pricing relative to competitors


  • No live chat support
  • Possible conflicts while setting up a custom domain
  • Learning curve not strong
  • The content tools rely on old fashioned text/HTML editor.

The ClickMagic offers 3 different plans

A starter plan of $17 monthly with 10,000 clicks and you can add 2 custom tracking domains.

A standard plan of $47 per month with 100,000 clicks, 5 websites and 10 custom tracking domains

A pro plan of $97 monthly with 1 million clicks and other features of starter and standard plans are unlimited.


The Click Magick generally offers service and satisfies the needs of online business owners. But other alternatives can offer the same function as the Click Magick because as good as the Click Magick maybe with all its features it may not suit the needs of some other users.


Unlike the Click Magick, the voluum is a cloud-based solution that tracks every activity which passes through your link. It has different types of templates for various links. You can avoid building links with the voluum manually.

It tracks and monitors data points from the os, mobile carrier and at the geolocation of your visitors just like the Click Magick.

Unlike the Click Magick that allows deep usage of link rotators, voluum is more limited to this feature.

The voluum offers its cheapest available plan for as low as $99 monthly. Their higher plan is $400 and $1000 and a custom scaled plan monthly.


This is another link tracking app that offers a different feature. They offer link cloaking which delivers the destination page to hide the true address of the page. The destination page is delivered in a full-size iframe.

Asides this feature, they track ads both with PPC and other advertising systems and of course it is possible to have centralized tracking from different sources at once such as the Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Link Trackr offers as low as $9 per month for their most basic plan to get 100 to 10,000 tracking links per month. They also offer a higher plan of $19 to get 500 to 50,000 tracking links.

The conversion link which is considerably the best for its users is $39 monthly and offers 1,000 to 100,000 click links in one month.

The peak of their plan is $69 monthly offering 5,000 to 500,000 links for just one month.

The link trackr has 30 days guarantee to cancel any ongoing plan and for your money to be refunded back.


The trck.me offers a 30-day free trial for new users without requiring any credit card to start with. It’s easy to use with its dashboard. Your links are already tagged automatically thus, there is no need to have a specific referrer for your traffics. The app gives relevant information automatically attached to your mail or social media link.

Trck.me plan starts from $9 which gives you unlimited tracks, as well as unlimited, tracked hits and control panel access.

They also have a business plan of $49 monthly which offers custom tracking domains, affiliate tracking, and reports.

Both plans can be paid in advanced, this means you can just pay the whole year with a discount to enjoy unlimited tracks and more of their other features. So, for a basic plan of $9, you will have an option to pay $90 yearly and save $18. For the business plan of $49, you can also pay $490 and save about $100.


The Click Meter is one of ClickMagick biggest competitors. They also a type of click-based link tracking site. The click meter helps you to track where incoming visitors end up. Users can track their clicks, views, and conversions with the same ap.

The ClickMeter allows its user to monitor their clicks for broken links, click fraud and high latency and also allows them to export or report data to clients and team members. The click meter has numerous features that can’t be exhausted.

Their medium plan starts at $29 for a month which gets you 25,000 events and 2,500 data points, a year of data storage without other features like affiliate marketing tools, 1 branded domain and split testing among others.

A higher plan of $99 per month with 200,000 events and 20,000 data points, two years of data storage, 10 branded domains, fraud protection, and a branded report.


Improvely is programmed to work and run smoothly with major networks such as AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Adroll.

They have an in-built fraud monitoring device to quickly identify and block suspicious or bad traffic.

An interesting feature of the app is that the app can recognize people and show useful information about them like how often they visit your site, their value to your brand and their general location.

They offer a 14-day free trial. After that, a basic plan of $29 monthly to track 10,000 visitors within that month with other features like split testing, fraud monitoring, and some affiliate market tool.

They offer a much higher plan of $79 monthly with an increased number of 20,000 visitors to track in one month; it shares the same feature as the basic plan with the inclusion of sub-accounts, but this will attract an extra fee amounting to $149 in total.

Their highest plan is $300 monthly with unlimited tracks of visitors and scaling based on needs.


There are various options available to you as per the alternatives for ClickMagick, you should consider the proper link tracking that suits you so you wouldn’t end up wasting money on a particular link tracking site you might not necessarily need.

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