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CB Engine to Find Profitable Clickbank Products in 2020


cb engine


The CB engine offers tools and makes it easier to locate products in the Clinic bank market place.

Every click bank affiliate should use the CB engine. It’s a very powerful tool that lets you know the products in place without going to the click bank.

Now, Let’s find out what more you don’t know about Clickbank and why you should use it.


The CB engine is a search site and tool for the Click Bank found at cbengine.com it provides data and helps to filter products, give an in-depth analysis of their sales across the marketplace.

The click bank helps its affiliated to promote their sales and products. So if you are looking for a way to sell or promote your products to earn money the click bank is the right place for you. All you need to do is to register, sign up then you are part of the family.


1. It gives you information on the refund rates of every product so that you can decide which product may work. The refund rates simply show you the probability or chances of a product to be returned/refunded.

If a product has a high refund rate, definitely such a product is a bad quality because most people who purchased it asked for a refund.

A product with a low refund rate means it is at least better than other products with a high refund rate. Although you can’t check the analysis of refund rates on the click bank.

2. It also shows the data of products that are selling well, the products that are going down, and the dormant products.

For proper guidance, Dormant products are products that are old and not being promoted by any affiliate again.

3. The CB engine has an advanced search feature which helps you pinpoint the exact product you are looking for.

4. The CB gives you an analysis using the product graph for rank, gravity, and Eps.

5. The CB allows you to create or customize your click bank ads.

6. With the help of the CB engine, you can track a product change name history.

7. The CB engine analyzes the historical ranking date of a product. By this, you will know the performance of the product over time.


  • It offers a free trial for its affiliates.
  • Easy to find and promote products.
  • Information given might be helpful to find profitable products.
  • It saves time.


  • It doesn’t notify users about the most trending products.
  • It doesn’t save the history of the product search by its users.
  • The products that are recommended may convert well but many are a waste of money.


The CB engine works in different ways to make it easier for the user to work it. It has programs that are good quality for the user. The CB engine tools will be listed below.


The product listing is available for you on the CB engine market place to navigate the graphs, statistics and various types of products. The CB product listing includes the following.

  • New products: the new products are the most recent products available in the market place.
  • Best gains: the best gains give several indicators on each product such as; the product that has the biggest payout, the product with the highest gravity, the product with the highest ranking in the market and the products with the best performances in the market place.
  • Insider: this will help you to spot opportunities based on recommendations using the predictive analysis. Though, there are no guarantees that such will be successful.
  • Product review: this is more or less like promotional info on the products.
  • Re-listed: these are products on the navigation bar that are re-listed.
  • Recurring: these are programs listed that offer recurring payments.
  • Removed products: these are the products removed from the market place.
  • Tag: this is a new feature on the product list, it is a different way to list products.
  • Categories: these are all the categories and subcategories of the marketplace that are listed with the number of products in each category.
  • Vendor: this is an alphabetical list of the vendors.
  • Statistics: it shows a few stats on the market place with links to the new programs in each category.
  • Payout: This is a chart that shows all commission rates with a link to the products in each field.
  • RSS feeds: the RSS feeds keep you updated on the latest launch news and a script to add to your click bank mall on your website.
  • Affiliate tools: they are tools that calculate the refund rate, the product sale price and the split in earning between the vendor.


The Recent gravity tool or Graph form tool is used to find the conversion rate and percentage of a specific product. This conversion rate varies on its type, time and quality.


An accurate filter is a tool that helps to find the vendor products that pay more to affiliates rather than click bank to list out their products on top of the search results.


This is considered one of the best plugin for getting the click bank market place to your dashboard.


The CB engine is the best tool to find click bank products that convert. The CB engine helps you to monitor virtually everything as an affiliate.

For affiliates who want to make sales and make sure the product is of high quality and has a good record. The CB engine is the best choice for you!

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