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Best Tools For Marketing of Your content in 2020


Best Tools For Marketing of Your content

Marketing of your content is of prime importance

Marketers are always looking for mediums where they can market them for minimum cost. Here we share with you some amazing tools that will market your content for free and you will gain immensely from it. So, let’s dive into it.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract customers, convert leads and close customers. It offers a variety of content marketing tools which include a powerful form builder, popup tools, live chat and chatbots and all in one WordPress plugin for marketing. HubSpot has world class CMS and the most powerful market automation platform that allows you to centralize everything to a free CRM.


It is another great forum for marketing your content. It is mostly free only the premium pins come at a price. You create a board and create pins centered around a theme or topic. Businesses have taken this to a whole new level by collating your favorite pins and promoting your products.


Flipboard is an excellent news reading app that collects news from around the world and presents to you in the form of a digital magazine according to your interest. Flipboard takes the RSS feed, displays publisher content and directs traffic back to the publisher’s website, where they can monetize the traffic and keep the user data free.


WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. It is an open source CMS that allows you to build and host a website. It contains plugin architecture and a template system that lets you customize any website to suit your business, blog, online store etc. Google Docs:

Google Docs is widely used by content marketers to drat their articles. It is free to use, easy to understand and is quite ubiquitous. It offers great user experience too. Not many reasons not to use it.


It helps you store images, quotes and multimedia and use it by dragging and dropping in any application you use for writing. It’s an incredible tool for writing and for writers who are working on a long project like a book.


Grammarly lets you correct your grammar-related mistakes in an article. You can also use it for blog posts, and comments section. It is a great and easy to use tool that has helped a lot of people reduce their grammatical mistakes and errors.


It lets you collect your favorite content from the across the web in the form of articles, blog posts, comments and other content and clip them together in the form of a bundle. You can then share it, use it on Bundlr’s website and also optimize the meta information of each clip. Its basic plan is free but you will be charged for the premium one.


Yoast is a great WordPress plugin for writing SEO friendly content. It optimizes your content for keyword, corrects and previews meta descriptions and does other SEO related tasks. Everyone who uses WordPress uses Yoast. It is an extremely popular plugin.


It is a great multi-purpose content marketing tool. It helps you manage what content will perform best for any topic or competitor. You can use metrics like backlinks, social shares etc.


Vidyard is a video marketing platform that helps you share, host and promote video content on your website. Vidyard has robust video analytics. You can run A/B tests and can also personalize videos.


It is a simple tool. It lets you create, edit and share screen share videos. For content marketing, you can create and embed tutorials for technical walkthroughs. Its also very effective for communicating quick questions and explaining concepts to other team members.


Trello is a simple kanban and a project management tool. It can be used for many purposes like project management, growth experiments, sales pipelines and product feature roadmaps.


It lets you establish connections with your fellow marketers and prospective clients. Even with persons whom you consider important.


Tribber is a marketing suite for influencers and bloggers who want to enhance the reach of their content with intuitive sharing features and built in analytics.


Listly is an easy to use free web tool. It lets you easily create lists you want and share them with people. You can embed it with your blog post.


It is another project management tool which can be used for other purposes as well. They include but are not limited to editorial calendars and influencer/writer management.

Google Analytics

It is one of the most widely used platforms online. Its easy to use and its free. It is a digital analytic platform to help track your business metrics. If you know how to properly use it then it is a very powerful tool with which you can do a lot of things.


Scoop.it lets professionals and businesses research and publish content through its content curation tool. You will find the best content on the web placed there. It is similar to Flipboard. Where Flipboard lets you curate your own content in a magazine, scoop.it allows you to “scoop” your articles into a newspaper.


It is used when you want to create your own image and you are also not a professional designer. As a layperson you can make design imagery using Canva. It is easy to use and effective too. You can use it to create images for your social medial posts, blog posts, cover photos and other content marketing related imagery.


Content marketing tools will help you a great deal in getting your job done quickly and effectively. There are many content marketing tools out there but for this list we have chosen the most common and easy to use ones.

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