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Autocrit For Writers – Best Online Editor Software in 2020


autocrit for writers


Before writing a novel, the first step an author takes is to draft or outline everything about the Novel. Some other authors also do several rounds of revision and copy editing before it is sent to the advanced readers who will, in turn, revise the draft before querying an agent.

Some editors are also hired to help them revise the draft with the best grammar check tools and help them with their draft so that it will be clear, engaging, commanding.

There is now an option for writers who are looking to improve their drafts which is the AutoCrit.

AutoCrit is a web-based software that is designed to help the authors in their draft to identify errors, the strength, and weaknesses of the draft and then provide suggestions that can improve it.

Just like other online tools, AutoCrit is not all-rounder, it also has its defects. This is why we will be taking a close look at the AutoCrit.


You can call it the writers’ secret weapon. It is an online book editor for fictional writers. Although it is specifically for fictional books, many of its tools can be used for all sorts of writings.

AutoCrit guides the indies step by step to make sure that they make changes to the key elements so that that their writings will be attractive to agents and publishers.

The AutoCrit allows the authors to compare their manuscript to works that have already been published and how they can level against them. It improves their writing style among readers.


AutoCrit is cloud-based and runs on the browser so, you do not need to download any app. Although, the app has its setbacks that shouldn’t discourage you from installing the software as it offers much more than the setbacks. Your work will be accessible on any device that has an internet connection. You can’t work offline.

To get started, you either paste a chunk of text into the editor or you can just upload a text file from your desktop. The cloud-first approach will enable you to work continuously across multiple devices and you store as many revisions as you like in a single document.

You can also print or email documents from the AutoCrit or save them to your desktop. Once your text is in position, it is recommended you run a summary report for an overall score.

Detailed reports provide the most useful information and this will encourage you to work through your manuscript based on your choice of words.

Applying all the suggestions of the software may make your work look too formal so it is your choice either to act on them or not as AutoCrit doesn’t make changes automatically.



The manuscripts are analyzed by AutoCrit in the following categories:

  • Dialogue
  • Strong writing
  • Word choice
  • Repetition
  • Compare to other fiction
  • Pacing
  • Momentum

Each section of the manuscripts has an area of analysis that aids the writers in their work for the best result.


The AutoCrit makes it easier for the writers by helping them to find areas that are needed to be edited. The application analyzes and highlights the exact word and the sections for review. This saves time and also allows them to be more productive in their analysis.


the authors must know how far they have gone in the process of editing their manuscripts. This is why the score and fingerprint feature is available. The feature shows the author how far they have gone in the course of their work.


Under the AutoCrit, the authors enjoy the benefit of not needing to pore over everything from the beginning of the manuscript. The AutoCrit analyzes the entire content and gives a detailed summary that tells the writer where their editing should begin from. It also gives precise recommendations concerning this.


The AutoCrit directly compares the published works and fictional stories of other veteran authors with the Manuscripts. The software has a proprietary algorithm that allows the authors to choose the genre which is similar to their manuscripts so that they can evaluate their story.


AutoCrit ensures that the author’s stories are flawless and have a good flow of the grammatical composition. The software highlights redundant words and suggests the number of repetitions that should be removed to reduce redundancy.


AutoCrit offers 3 different plans depending on your budget and how tedious your project is.

The Basic Plan starts at $10 for one month and you will have access to the following features.

  • Access to Autocrit’s Editing Tools and Basic Reports
  • Highlighting of Key Features and Problem Areas
  • Limit to 1000 Words

The Professional Plan billed at $30 per month and offers the following features.

  • Access to all Basic Functions
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Comparison to Bestselling Authors Available
  • Genre Filtering
  • AutoCrit Scoring System Available

The Elite Plan which is the largest plan is billed at $80 per month and it offers the following additional features.

  • Access to Courses on Book Revisions and Editing
  • Tips and Tricks from Published Authors
  • Author Spotlight Opportunity when you Publish

The good news is AutoCrit offers a free trial of 14 days trial of their professional and Elite plans worth $1 and you will have access to all the features of the 3 plans.


AutoCrit is a great software for you if you are a newbie and looking to learn a lot from it. Say you want to polish your work, but your budget is low for an editor or say, any writer who would like to have detail insight about their work, can surely use this soft to ensure he/ she can achieve details list of issues they have to correct. To be honest, I found it worth every penny.

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