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AccuRanker – Review: Keywords Ranking Tracker Report 2020


AccuRanker Keyword Ranking Tracker

AccuRanker is a cloud-based keywords rating cloud-based tool. It is an outstanding keyword monitoring tool. It can automatically monitor the results of smartphones and desktops.

Besides, you can also compare your ranking with your competitors and see your competitors’ results. With their search engine results’(SERP) tool, it provides correct ranking results.

You can also track local keywords by selecting your country or location. AccuRanker also offers a free 14-day test, and some free resources, including Google Grump and SERP control, are immediately available with other incredible details. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of this fantastic tool.

Distinctive AccuRanker features

AccuRanker serves two primary purposes:

  1.  It offers easy access and productivity for all employees in an organization.
  2. Simultaneously, it works quickly, and tests need only a couple of seconds to be complete.

The above philosophies make it rank as one of the leading trackers currently in the market.

AccuRanker dashboard

This dashboard is the very first tab you communicate with after the initial setup. This tab has all you need to know regarding the current ranking of your website. The metrics of the dashboards include:

Share of Voice (SoV)

It calculates your SoV by multiplying Ctr with monthly search volumes use for 1-20 ranks. The SoV integrates the search volume with your monthly search. Therefore, it is an essential metric for evaluating organic search results.

It is a fast way to see whether your keywords have high traffic loss or gain ranks. The keywords that you put into the system determines the SoV. The SoV metric does not reflect the overall performance of your website. Except if you apply the ranked keywords to your website.

Ranking Distribution

You can monitor all domains from a single account if you run multiple websites. It updates your monitored keyword ranking automatically daily, and you also have the option of displaying the ranking on demand.

The SoV metric does not reflect the overall performance of your website. Except if you apply the ranked keywords to your website.

Average Rank

It takes all ranked keywords and finds their average over time.

Google Analytics data

You may link your Google Analytics to your AccuRanker account, so all your keywords can easily be available for tracking, and some keywords brought in by the user.

Keyboard dashboard

This is where most of the actions take place for the performance of each keyword or keyword group. When you add them for tracking, you must mark your keywords using tags such as coupon keywords, Traffic keywords, Money Keywords, amongst others.

It helps a great deal in the long term and measures essential data. Besides, the ranking can easily be sort by tags. As different sections of websites now require different SEO tactics, monitoring, and grouping keywords of this sort helps you keep your attention focused.

Multiple Search Engine

For Google and Bing, you can check the rankings globally or locally. The process of adding several locations is simple, and several areas added. Simultaneously, you add tags to enhance tracking of your keywords. Tags cross over to the review post in several ways.


The price of such a product is the deal-breaker for all entities or agencies. AccuRanker is industry-standard prices, and the additional functions make it cost-effective. 

The price depends on the number of keywords that you want to pursue, and if paid each year, the lowest price is approximately $71 per month.

AccuRanker comes with free SEO tools which include:

Google Grump

It’s ranking points out unrest in the code of Google. The more offensive the mood, the higher the ranking fluctuations.  Google Grump’s AccuRanker rating bases on a proprietary algorithm designed to calculate the average shift in rank over the top 100 per keyword. It is a unique tool for SEO technicians.

SERP tool

This tool lets you view either desktop or mobile Google ratings and SERP tests. It is a fast, free SERP checker that fixes the issue of specific SERP results, and rankings whose location is unknown.

External plugins integration

It’s also integrated into many popular services, including Google Analytics, Google’s Search Console, Adobe Analytics, or Google Data Studio, to name a few making it a data-centric instrument.

Notes tab

It offers a note tab for logging significant changes in the settings or your website. These reports are useful as further analysis. Definitions involve introducing a group of keywords or launching a new product or web page portion in AccuRanker.

Accuranker report

AccuRanker enables you to generate customized reports sent to you and your team. The tool includes four basic report templates to help you get started.

This report creator can be used from scratch to generate your customized results. Eight data blocks can be made available to any report by a simple drag-and-drop interface. Examples are the average rank of keywords and the ranks of competition.

Landing pages tab

You can see your organic search results for your top landing pages through your AccuRanker landing pages. You will monitor search volume, number of speeches, average user time, average load time, bounce rate, goals, and revenues on each landing page.

For every landing page, you need to add the AccuRanker, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to see all these data points.

In-depth Analysis

It segments and filters the data to carry out a thorough analysis and set accurate data. Besides, it also organizes and shares your data view with your colleagues so that you can be on the same page and take thoughtful data-driven decisions.


AccuRanker is a fast, precise, and cost-effective cloud-based tool. The combination of excellent user experience with a powerful engine makes it one of the world’s best tracking tools.

The team is innovative and adds new features regularly. The price is acceptable, and the value for money is just right.

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